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With all the paperwork b.s. taken care of,and I could kinda ensure the car could be properly transfered,I started doing some minor work to it.Beginning with bolting the front end all back up.Last owner had B.Block plans for it,yanked the front end off,pulled the original 230 6cyl. and powerglide trans,
and gave those away to a guy who was restoring a first generation Camaro.I figured on keeping it stock for now,and ended up picking up a 1965 Beaumont/Chevelle with a 230 6cyl/powerglide. trans off my brother in Sunny Surrey B.C.

The Donor car,1965 Acadian Beaumont.

The Chevelles Future Powerplant Prior to extraction from the Beaumont

My brother had purchased this car of the estate of the original owner in 06,with 83,000 original miles.The car had been well taken care of with all maintenance records written down.I made the 4hr. journey down to Surrey,and picked it up in april.Car ran good,trouble free,with no oil consumption.

I Debated On Not Putting The Camaro Rallys on But..........W.T.F.

I ended up Dropping in the motor/trans in mid april.Glad Now I picked up a whole car over just a motor/trans combo,as their was countless parts I used for the swap,and minor stuff to help pass the B.S. govmnt. inspection. 


Swaped out the motor,went in painlessly,just how I like things.I gave it a spray down at the local car wash prior to pulling it, and did the trans with solvent while it was still out.I painted the rad,and rad support,the fender wells had been painted previously,I'll spray it all down again later,and will paint up the engine.
Notice firewall matches body colour.A Canadian model thing.U.S. models had firewalls Painted black. Total production of Canadian made chevelles for 1966 was 20,120,this figure includes all models.  



June 5th 2007.Finally had the Chevelle Pass inspection,and have it insured.Probubly going to stay as you see it through the summer/fall.I've had the repro trunk panels redone,as well as the rear body mounts. full 1/4's will be next.Probobly a repro interior kit as well,carpet/seat skins..

Don't Be Scared,It Only Looks Mean.....................................FOR NOW !

My Chevelle Pg.III