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1966/67 CHEVELLE

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My 1966 Chevelle 230 6cyl 2spd auto,Aug. 2007

                     Welcome to : "1966/67 Chevelle"   

Thanks for dropping by the 1966/67 Chevelle website.Also Including the 1966/67 Canadian Built Acadian Beaumont.Check out the page navigation on the left,I will be adding much more shortly and as frequently as I can find the time.Send in your info,specs,comments, etc. and,I will add them on the site.Send me your Chevelle/Beaumont photos and I'll post them on the picture gallery page.Check out the progress on my 1966 Chevelle on pages,I II & III.Have you got a Chevelle link,send me your url.We've also just added a parts for sale/wanted section,have a look,and add a post.Please sign the guestbook while your here.Thanks for stopping by,and come back often,more updates coming soon........... 

My Chevelle Pg.I